Month: November 2013

The Saga of Sharlie & Jade (Elijah and a new “Salomé” concept)

Jade: 19 times – that’s how many times I ended up going to the cinema to see @Fellowship of the Ring – 19 times! An absolute record for me. A healing experience after the trauma of 9/11. Watching Frodo meet

The Saga of Sharlie & Jade (Salomé, 9/11 & Fellowship of the Ring)

Jade: In August 2001, after finishing ‘Jade ov Arcc’, I headed to my home town New York and then to San Francisco for a biz trip/holiday, networking, visiting friends – even doing some recording with my didgeridoo at Wyclef Jean’s

The Saga of Sharlie & Jade (Jade ov Arcc Reloaded)

Sharlie: Funny how when you come to a crossroads in life and make a firm yet equally frightening decision, the Universe sets things in motion… A chance meeting with Jade at Betsy’s birthday party and her enthusiasm for a musical